Rock These Buskins

RTB Vol. 7 features three amazing musicians who will be working together on Queens of the Stone Age‘s new record: mister Dave Grohl on the drums, Trent Reznor as a special guest on one of the songs and my beloved ginger Josh Homme.

Can’t wait to hear it!


RTB Vol.7 traz três músicos incríveis que irão trabalhar juntos no próximo àlbum do Queens of the Stone Age: mister Dave Grohl na bateria, Trent Reznor como convidado especial em uma das faixas e meu ruivo amado Josh Homme.

  1. Foo Fighters – Bridges Burning
  2. Queens of the Stone Age – Everybody Knows That You’re Insane
  3. Nine Inch Nails – The Perfect Drug
  4. Foo Fighters – DOA
  5. Queens of the Stone Age – In My Head
  6. Nine Inch Nails – Deep
  7. Foo Fighters – Wind Up
  8. Queens of the Stone Age – Do It Again
  9. Nine Inch Nails – The Hand That Feeds

Rock These Buskins Vol.7


Foo Fighters VH1 Storytellers

I just transcribed what Dave was saying as I watched the video, so if there’s any misspelled words, pardon my french.

“It was only a matter of time before we had to make a video. Which was something we were kind of  inicially opposed to doing. We were like ‘ fuck that corporate fuck vh1 bullshit.’ And then, you know, how easily we were sued to do that, so…we made a video for this song called ‘Big Me’, which we got all these different treatments from different directors, like ‘ I see…a thousand fluorescent a.m. radios on a beach. The sky is pink and there’s, you know, a unicorn ‘ whatever. The song is two and a half minutes long, we read these treatments like ‘no, no, no’, and then this guy named Jesse Peretz  sends us this treatment that just says ‘ you ever seen those Mentos commercials?’, that’s all it said.

We were like ‘ dude, that sounds perfect’. The song sounds like a candy commercial, this is perfect. And I remember when we were doing it, Pat, the guitar player, he goes ‘ you know that every time we play this, for the rest of our lives, people are gonna throw that fucking candy at us, every night, right?’ Noo, there’s no way they’ll do that. Sure as hell, the video comes out, first night of the tour  in Denver, it’s  like ‘ this song is called Big Me’ and it was like riot guns of mentos, just shooting. And those fucking things hurt, you know, they’re like rocks. Not like marshmallow candies, they’re hard. So then, we played it for, whatever, a tour, and I was like ‘ fuck this song. I don’t wanna play it if these people are gonna throw these stuff at us. So we stopped, and I mean, we stopped playing it like for ten years, I never wanted to hear that song again, hated that song.

Four years ago we were on tour in Canada, we were sitting there, I’m like ‘ you know what, it’s been ten years, let’s play Big Me. Do mentos even exist anymore, I don’t know, I haven’t seen one of those commercials in ten years.’ So I walk up on stage, we’re playing…sure as hell, someone throws us a full pack, man, right in the face too. So I stopped the song and I’m like ‘ you know what everybody, look, it’s been ten years. Enough with the mentos, they’re so 1996 or whatever. Stop it with the mentos, and you know what, let’s just all have a sort of little ceremonies, so we can lay this stupid mentos thing to rest and I’m gonna burn a pack of mentos on stage, so we can have this ritualistic ending to this. So I got my pack, I’m looking for my lighter and I’m like ‘somebody have a lighter?’ and ten thousand people threw they’re fucking lighter at my face. So if you have any mentos tonight, you can fucking shove ‘em up you ass.

This song’s called ‘Big Me’. “


Footos: The Fresh Fighter


Four years after the release of Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace, the Foo Fighters (click here to listen to the entire album) are finally back on track!!! Wasting Light – their seventh album – is set to be released on April 12, 2011. The first single ‘Rope’ is already avaiable and you check it below on this post.

I’m no music expert, but this album totally rocks – and reminds me of the oldschool FF, with the same aggressive beats –  no need to recall the psyched ‘Weenie Beenie’, ‘Monkey Wrench’ and so many others -…well, Wasting Light has tons of these kick ass tunes and more.

Draw some attention to ‘Bridge Burning’previously released as a teaser‘Dear Rosemary’, ‘White Limo’, ‘Arlandria’, ‘Back & Forth’, ‘A Matter of Time’basically, just listen to the entire album!!

They’re back – fresher but still the good and old FF we love – at least, I do.


Quatro anos após o lançamento de Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace, o Foo Fighters (clique aqui pra ouvir o disco na íntegra) finalmente voltou à ativa!!! Wasting light – o sétimo álbum da banda – está com data de lançamento prevista para o dia 12 de Abril, 2011. O primeiro single ‘Rope’, já está disponível e você pode conferí-lo mais abaixo no post.


Estou longe de ser uma expert em música, mas esse álbum tá incrível – e me lembra do FF mega oldschool, com a mesma batida agressiva e irressistível, que te faz balançar os pés e a cabeça sem parar – nem preciso lembrar das preciosíssimas ‘Weenie Beenie’, ‘Monkey Wrench’ e mais um monte – …bom, Wasting Light tem esse tipo de som e muitas outras batidas do caralho – desculpem-me a falta de polidez, mas não achei palavra melhor para a descrição.

Atenção especial para as faixas ‘Bridge Burning’que foi lançada como teaser um tempo atrás‘Dear Rosemary’, ‘White Limo’, ‘Arlandria’, ‘Back & Forth’, ‘A Matter of Time’basicamente, escute o disco todo, porque vale a pena!!
Eles estão de volta – reformulados mas ao mesmo tempo o bom e velho FF que todos amam – pelo menos eu amo.