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Speaking of which…


Whenever you go to the Oscars, be sure to look like you’re actually arriving at the party, not leaving it – or, in this case, like a hobo who’s been drinking at the bar across the street and got picked up by some lunatic publicist to show up at the Dolby Theatre.

Seriously, wft, Tarantino???


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Hot Stuff: Santánico Pandemonium

Featuring Quentin Tarantino’s foot fetish.

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Tarantino XX

Quoting a comment I read right after watching the video above: “Every man has to have this, lol!”. CORRECTION: EVERY MOTHERFUCKER HUMAN BEING has to have this! – Praise Samuel L. Jackson!

Tarantino is one of my ultimate favorite directors. Love every single movie he’s done so far – including that CSI season finale episode.

Oh, that reminded me of a short film I’ve seen a few years ago…Tarantino’s Mind, where two guys connect the dots between Quentin’s characters and create a theory that they’re all part of just one big movie. (It is in portuguese but has english subs).

Parafraseando um comentário que li logo depois de assistir ao vídeo acima: “Todo homem tem que ter isso, hahaha!”.

CORREÇÃO: TODO “MOTHERFUCKER” SER HUMANO deve ter isso! Louvemos a Samuel L. Jackson!

Tarantino é um dos – muitos – diretores que amo. Adoro cada um de seus filmes feitos até agora – incluindo aquele episódio de final de temporada do CSI.

Ah, isso me lembrou de um curta que vi faz um tempo…Tarantino’s Mind, onde dois caras (Seu Jorge e Selton Melo) ligam os pontos entre os personagens de Quentin e criam a teoria de que tudo não passa de um único grande filme.